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Trust is what you earn not what you are given – Napoleon Okugbe

  Napoleon   September 8, 2019   No comment


Some few years ago, I sat down with a friend to discuss an issue and while our conversation get to a certain area that deals with trust. She looked straight into my eyes with a kind of a stern face and she said

“Napoleon so you don’t trust me”? I laughed and then i replied her ” Hey i don’t really trust you”. She said ”why”. I told her its because “she has to earn my trust”.
Let’s be realistic, trust is not automatic, it is not free, you can’t just trust me because I looked calm and innocent, you can’t just trust me just like that, I have to prove something beyond my physical looks that would make me be trusted by others.
Salvation is free but you have to earn it, you have to accept Christ, live a holy life and face the hurdles of being a real christian.
Life is free but you have to earn it, you have to overcome sickness and you have to overcome hunger by feeding everyday. If not stay for 4 weeks without feeding and let’s see what would happen.
There is nothing that is just automatic in human life, everything must be earned and nothing is really free. Every single thing that is worth in life is worth earning (just think of any thing that is worthy at all) and in every earning there is a commitment, sacrifice or hard work attached to it.

So if you truly want to gain the trust of anyone. Be it your boss, your lover, your friend, your client, your brother or just anyone, you have to do what would make them trust you. You have to impress them. You have to keep to your words, be reliable and be dependable. You just have to prove a point and only after you prove the point will they give you their trust.