Programs by Napoleon

Unlock your Personal Fortune

Personal Fortune is a philosophy of personal development and wealth creation pioneered by Napoleon Okugbe.

It is what most of Napoleon Okugbe's programs, personal teachings and content are centered on which will make you differentiate yourself from all others in your career and achieve 10×+ more.

Personal Fortune acknowledges that everyone are unique but most people don't have their unique identity and they don't achieve unique heights in their lives. They are lost in the crowd and they are mostly average like most others in their chosen career and environment and therefore never really harness their true potential in life. Personal Fortune programs helps you take your life to the next level. It is not matter of knowing what others knows and doing what others does. It is about creating your own unique life, go after unique goals and achieving unique results for your life and career.

Napoleon believe that success is personal but there are some strategies that are tested and proven to make you achieve success faster in life.

There are four major stages of Personal Fortune;

The Believe System Stage

First of all you have to train your mind and your believe system. Work on your self and improve your self awareness. Most people have a very low believe system and they their mindset is not geared towards success. There is a way of personal fortune thinking. Until you pass this stages before you can be able to seize opportunities that abounds you.

The High Income Skill

A high income skill is one that gives you the financial confidence to make money anywhere any time. Most people struggle financially because they have not build their selves around any high income skill or they don't just know how to harness the power of their skill to make it high income in this digital age.

Scalable Business

The next step is to use marketing leverage, time leverage, network leverage and money leverage to build a scalable businesses. In a nutshell this will involve building a team around your high income skill and leveraging your connections and the market to build other scalable businesses.

The Investment Stage

After the building Scalable business the next is to use profit from your business to invest on things that gives you at least 10% ROI annually.

Significance & Relevance Stage

There is difference between being successful and being significant. You have to be significant. There are many successful people that are not significant. They have the money, the luxury life, the cars, the mansion and anything you can think of but how much impact do they have on others. They simply are successful but not significant. The significance and relevance stage is a stage of leveraging your strength and experience to keep impacting others and using your personal brand to stay at the top of your game.